Air-cooling Type Pellet Production Machine (for stand-alone use)


This is a pellet producing machine for molding factories.
It cuts the melted strands that are pushed out by the super short screw extrusion machine into pellets.This machine responds to unsatisfactory molding with granulating materials, especially engineering plastic, and produces pellets that are the same shape as those made out of raw materials. Additionally, its air-cooling system needs no preliminary drying.


This machine’s simple design makes its price reasonable.Its compact design allows for placement alongside the molding machine as one machine “CUTandPELLETER” that is integrated with the granulator (COMPACK).


The melted strands are automatically fed into the cutter without manual feeding.You can operate this machine only by setting the speed of a screw and a cutter, heater temperature, and air flow, as well as setting the condition easily.


Air-cooling Type Pellet Production Machine (for production line (in-line) use)


This compct design allows easy installation alongside your molding machine.
We propose replacement of the existing granulator by this machie.
Also it can be linked to a hopper loader when the vacuum collector device (optional accessory) attached.

cost saving

We simplified the granulating machanism and reduced the numbers of parts significantly.
Around 40% cost reduction than previous model has been achived.

built-in cutter

Now e・Pelleter equips a granulating cutter inside.
After loading of runners expelled from the moldig machine, runners get granulated by the cutters and melted with the screw to form recycled pellets.
This system allows an instant pelletization of fixed runners following the molding cycles.

Pellet Production Machine with Blender

New machine with fixed quantity mixing arrived.

Fixed quantity mixing equipment installed CPB200 has been newly developed.
This can perform operations from granulating to pelletization and mixing by only this one machine.
It mixes recycled pellet and virgin materials at a certain fixed rate.
All an operator has to do is to load the materials. This machine will do the rest of works automatically.

Calculation Example of Cost-effectiv


Annual recycling effect Before Installation: When 500 kg runners of PA66 are wasted every month at ¥30/kg
Disposal cost: 500 kg ×¥30 =¥15,000

After Installation: When the same amount of runners as above are recycled to pellets by EP50-4
 Payroll cost: ¥3,000/hour ×100 hours (※1) × 0.5 hours  (※2) ÷ 10 hours (※2) =¥15,000
 ※1 Production time of EP50-4: 500 kg ÷ 5 kg/h = 100 hours
 ※2 When EP50-4 operates 0.5 hours per 10 hours
 Electricity cost: 1.5 kwh × ¥13 × 100 hours = ¥1,950
 Total cost: ¥15,000 + ¥1,950 =¥16,950
《Added value》
 Recycled pellet price: 500 kg × ¥600/kg (※3) =¥300,000
 ※3 When raw material is ¥600/kg

¥300,000 worth of recycled materials are produced from the residues that cost ¥15,000 for disposal  every month.
Approximately ¥3,500,000 can be gained per year by recycling old product residues.


Annual cost reduction effect Before Installation: When 1,400 kg granulating materials of PPS are processed by a subcontract factory every month at ¥200/kg
Subcontracting cost: 1,400 kg × ¥200/kg =¥280,000
After Installation: When the same amount of material as above is processed by in-house EP50-4

Payroll cost: ¥3,000/h × 200 hours (※4) × 0.5 hours (※5) ÷ 10 hours (※5) = ¥30,000
 ※4 Production time of EP50-4: 1,400 kg ÷ 7 kg/h = 200 hours
 ※5 When EP50-4 operates 0.5 hours per 10 hours
 Electricity cost: 1.5 kwh × ¥13 × 200 hours = ¥3,900
 Total cost: ¥30,000 + ¥3,900 =¥33,900

This case saves approximately ¥250,000 every month or ¥3,000,000 every year.
◎Controlling of the entire operations as processing, shipping, and storing in the company
improves quality control.

Strength Test Results of Recycled Pellets

Strength Test Results of Recycled Pellets



CP200 Cutter



Superior Sharp Cutting
Superior Sharp Cutting

The cutter and fixed blades of the pelletizer are composed of cemented carbide which keeps the cutter life long even when cutting materials containing glass.
A unique gapless structure also produces uniformly-sized and good pellets even from soft elastomer.

Two types of nozzles

We have newly developed EP50-8 with 8 nozzles against EP50-4 with 4 nozzles (Standard machine).
It allows for high-volume production with material which takes time to cool down.
The production volume for each material is as a table below.

Automatic Shutdown (Optional Function))

Turning the automatic shutdown switch ON, the main switch automatically turns OFF when materials end.
This function is safe for unattended operation at night.。

Two types of nozzles
  Air-cooling Type Pellet Production Machine
(for stand-alone use) 
Air-cooling Type Pellet Production Machine with Cutter
(for production line (in-line) use)
 ―  ―   ― With fixed quantity mixing 
EP50-4 EP50-8   CP200-4 CPB200-4
Power Three-Phase AC 200V (50/60Hz)  Three-Phase AC 200V (50/60Hz)
Motor Capacity
0.5 (Standard)
0.85(Long Screw)
 0.5 0.6
Heater Capacity
5.0(Long Screw)
3.9  3.8
φ2 , φ2.5(Standard) , φ3  φ2 , φ2.5(Standard) , φ3
Number of Nozzle 4 4
Length of Pellet
~5  ~5
Air Consumption
~100 (Required 0.75kW compressor)  ~100 (Required 0.75kW compressor)
150 170 200
 Runner Size (L・Dmm) ~200 ・ ~8 
Standard Features
  Function Note
Signal Light Light and buzzer notify abnormalities occurred.
Cutter (Spare Part) One set of cutter for the pelletizer included as a spare.
Cooling Pipe(Spare Part) Cooling pipe includedas a apare.
Optional Features
  Function Note
Vacuum Collector Device A box which ca be connected to the hopper loader CPB200-4 includes this as astandard.
Automatic Shutdown Device When materials emptied, the main power turn off automatically.
Collector-full Alarm When pellet collector full, this will turn the alarm on.
Long Screw For super engineering plastics as LCP.
Material Feeding Unit For super engineering plastics as LCP.
・Model EP and CP are required compressed air.
・Electrical power cord measures 4.5 meters. All models require an adaptor with three-phase, which is not included.
・Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notification.
・All of our machines feature a one year warranty effective from the date of installation.This warranty is limited to the replacement of parts. Holon Seiko assumes no liability for the products produced from these machines, for any difficulties encountered in the production process, or for any loss that may result from these problems.



What kind of resins are producible ?
e・PELLETER and c・PELLETER respond to various resins. But, there are several difficult resin to product pellets. So, we conduct sample test, facing an inquiry.
How much materials are required for test ?
Usually, 5 kg is enough. If you request c・PELLETER (for production line use), please send us plastic runners.
Is the size of pellet changeable ?
You can choose the nozzle diameter to decide a pellet O.D. The length of pellet can be adjusted by changing the revolving speed of a cutter.